Loquent LLC Homeservices


Scientific Writing

Simply put, we're scientists helping other scientists write and edit. If you don't have the time to spare, and would rather focus on your research, we can help. Even if you're comfortable writing up your results, we can improve the clarity and effectiveness of your work, whether it's intended for an academic journal or a blog post. Examples include:

Technical Writing

We prepare original technical documents according to your specifications, or edit existing material for clarity and to ensure that it's appropriate for the target audience. Examples include:

Medical Writing

Our medical writing services include both professional and patient education materials. Although our capabilities cover a wide range of biomedical research areas, we are especially interested in working with clients in nephrology, bone disease, and diabetes research. Examples include:

Marketing and Promotional Writing

Our expertise in scientific, technical, and medical writing is matched only by the creative skills of our team, resulting in first-rate marketing copy. We can customize your message for different audiences, with unique selling points, features, and benefits to make your products or services stand out. Examples include: